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!   Make Every Day Count   !


At St Paulinus our high standards strongly encourage children to be in school and on time every day.


We monitor our attendance regularly and where children's attendance falls below 95% the Head Teacher or the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) will contact the family and arrange a meeting to discuss the issue. Where necessary support will be offered to how we can help you to improve the attendance of your child.




See below for our attendance figures for the last academic year (2016/17):


Authorised Absences 2.19%
Total Attendance  97.57%



Punctuality is equally as important. If children are late for school they miss out on the regular morning routines and this often has a negative impact on the rest of their day.  Late marks in the register will be monitored and where necessary followed up by the Head Teacher.


If you know your child is going to be absent or late for school (for example for a medical or dental appointment) please inform the school office in advance.


We do not encourage any children to have time off school for holidays and will never give our authorisation for this. Permission for exceptional leave may only be given under VERY special circumstances and request must be made to the Head Teacher in person and then in writing.


!   Make Every Day Count   !

St Paulinus Attendance Policy