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Autumn 2019

Christmas End Of Term Tea Party - Friday 13 December 2019

YR  Eden - for being so kind to everyone she is near to

YR Charlie - for his enthusiasm towards the nativity


Y1 Albany - for her enthusiasm in the nativity

Y1 Jacob - some great maths work subtracting coins

Y1 Darcy - showing great concentration and knowledge in geography


Y2 Neriah - for excellent nativity performance (acting)

Y2 Ethan - for great singing and acting

Y2 Luca - for overcoming his worries about performing


Y3 Elina - excellent effort in Maths

Y3 Izaiah - for working hard in Maths

Y3 Giovanna - an improved attitude to learning


Y4 Andrei - excellent effort and attitude to learning

Y4 Esme - excellent behaviour and good manners throughout the year

Y4 Amariah - excellent behaviour throughout the year


Y5 Emmanuella - form captain

Y5 Keshawn - form captain

Y5 George - timetable monitor


Y6 Elvin - excellent manners and behaviour

Y6 Pascal - excellent manners and behaviour

Y6 Isabella - excellent manners and behaviour




Tea Party - 29 November 2019

YR: Charlotte - positive attitude and engagement with nativity practise :)

Y1: Ola - always willing to learn/producing some great writing

Y2: Noah - for writing an excellent story

Y3: Sophia - positive attitude to learning and always  being polite and good behaviour

Y4: Sadie - really positive attitude and more confidence in Maths

Y5: Delina - for brightening up registration!

Y6: Jessica - for an excellent attitude towards all work

Tea Party - 15 November

YR: Josh for working really hard in class

Y1: Amelie for using excellent language and vocabulary in her writing

Y2: Eve for excellent attitude towards her learning

Y3: Jevan for improved behaviour

Y4: Leah for constant good behaviour and excellent attitude

Y5: Ronnie for excellent effort in writing

Y6: Damilare for good achievement in his time tables




Tea Party - 8 November 2019

YR: Eva - for being such a great role model in YR

Y1: Jeremiah - fantastic improvement in writing

Y2: Ellodie - for trying hard in all her learning

Y3: Malachi - for a big improvement in his behaviour

Y4: Ruben - for consistent effort to improve presentation

Y5: Teni - excellent effort in writing


Tea Party - 1 November 2019

YR: Philippe - for being so helpful and brave

Y1: Thomas - for achieving a high standard in Maths work

Y2: Daniel F - for trying hard to improve sound knowledge

Y3: Robyn - for always being polite and trying hard

Y4: Juwonlo - for being polite and helpful towards adults

Y5: Thiruthiga - excellent English writing

Y6: Noah - for a super effort to improve his story writing


Tea Party - Friday 4 October 2019

YR:  Isla - for always listening and setting a great example in YR

Y1:  Leo - for always producing work of a very high standard and presentation

Y2:  Daniel - for excellent effort in his learning

Y3:  Sam - setting a good example to the rest of the class

Y4:  Cerys - excellent work in all lessons this week

Y5:  Luke - excellent vocab ninja sentences this week

Y6:  Jacob - for working hard in History and showing enthusiasm for learning


Tea Party - Friday 27 September

YR   Alfie - for always helping and being a positive leader in YR class

Y1   Deborah - excellent work all week, very positive and happy

Y2   Bill - for working hard in Maths independently

Y3   Isabella - for setting a good example in and out of class

Y4   Deetya - consistent good effort and enthusiasm for learning

Y6   Lucy - excellent attention and participation in todays learning


Tea Party - Friday 20 September

Y1 - Shiloh - excellent effort all week and superb singing in Harvest Festival church service

Y2 - Ronnie - for always working hard in Maths

Y3 - Heritage - a positive attitude to school and learning

Y4 - Paul - excellent pieces of writing

Y5 - Joelle - excellent Geography work this week

Y6 - Franky - for being polite and helpful

Tea Party - Friday 13th September

Y1 - Freddie - enthusiastically learning to read

Y2 - Samuel - for trying hard in all lessons

Y3 - Kristian - positive attitude to learning

Y4 - Phoebe - enthusiasm and great attitude and effort in all lessons

Y5 - Finley - excellent science knowledge and recall

Y6 - Tokemi - excellent behaviour and attitude to work

Tea Party - Friday 6th September 2019


Harry – for working hard, being positive


Evie – for positive attitude towards work


Samuel – a positive attitude to returning to school


George – a positive attitude and excellent effort


Hezekiah – a good start to his Y5 learning J


Temi – for a positive start to the new school year