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Computing subject content for primay schools


Coming to our school soon... an Internet Safety Magic show!

Be there be aware... 23rd February 2018 starting at 10:30 in the School Hall.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn through an interactive session the positive ways to keep safe while using the Internet. 

Internet Safety Day:February 2018

Internet Safety Day


As part of our on-going learning about using the Internet in a positive way we swapped classes for a morning and had a range of workshops to help us explore and discuss best ways to use the Internet.


We worked in groups, had debates and watched video clips to help us see how to use the Internet to learn and for social use in a safe way. We talked about what to do if something we see on-line worries or scares us. We also looked at how the information we put onto websites, apps or messages can be shared very quickly and can have negative impact on others if we aren't careful or thoughtful.


The Internet is a wonderful tool so let's use it wisely and always remember the Internet Safety 'SMART' rules.



Year 6 attend the Digital School House at Townley Grammar to learn coding!