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New Classes, New Topics!

The children have started their new classes with some exciting learning and new topics. 

Year 1 - The Enchanted Woodland (a project exploring the outdoors and the life inside a woodland -  'real' and 'imaginary').


Year 2 - Land Ahoy (Year 2 are 'all at sea' with a project based around pirates, boats and navigation).


Year 3 - Scrumdiddlyumptious (this topic is all about food! Year 3 will be tasting, exploring and making lots of different types of food from around the World).


Year 4 - Playlist (A topic all about sound - Year 4 will watch Silent Movies, listen to music and explore how sounds are made and produced). 


Year 5 - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence (Year 5 are exploring 14th Century Britain and the tales and recounts that went with it).


Year 6 - A Child's War (a topic based around a child's experience of the Second World War) and Darwin's Delights (where they will discover Darwin's theory of evolution and how animals have adapted to their environment over time).