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Social Media Workshop

We had our two social media workshops in school this week run by David Snow.


They were informative and helpful and parents were given the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions about safe use of the internet at home.


David suggested a few websites which may be helpful if you have any further questions or want help on how to use the internet in a safe and enjoyable way at home:


http://www.ceop.police.uk - this has a direct link where you can report any concerns or problems you are having with social media or internet use.


http://www.asp-bexley.org.uk/e-safety/4582494850 - this link will take you to the E-Safety page on our Anglican Schools Partnership website.


http://www.saferinternet.org.uk / http://www.saferinternet.org.uk - these websites offer advice on safe use of the internet.


Thank you to David for running these workshops for us.


!  Remember the 3 C's  !


  •  Encourage children to use passwords like their toothbrushes (don't share them, change them regularly)!
  • look at the privacy settings of any site or programmes that children use - you can often change these 
  • encourage children to only friend people they know (if they use any social media websites) and not try to gain as many 'friends' as they can (often people they don't directly know)


  • be mindful of the games that your children play (and those that they play at other people's houses) - check them out first
  • remind your children that 'what goes on line stays on line' - nothing is permanently erased once it has been on the internet


  • remind children about sending appropriate messages to each other (and not to write things online or through text messages that they would not say to someone personally)