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The Leading Lights trip

The Leading Lights spent today in London where they met another team of Leading Lights from St Aidens Church of England Primary School in Gateshead, near Newcastle. They have already talked to this group of children via a Skype call earlier this year and today was a great opportunity to share what both teams have been doing in their schools and exchange ideas for the future.


They met at the Rainforest Cafe where they had a tour and a talk about the rainforest, the dangers and threats that rainforests are experiencing and how we can help. This was followed by a two course meal.


Then they took a walk around London with their new friends.


They were very kind and had a lot of interesting things to say. We had a great time with them because we were able to see our job from a different point of view. (Morayo)


They were really great at comparing themselves to us and we had an amazing time with them. I am very glad that I saw and got to interact with people that at first I didn’t know and ask them questions about their school and the area around them. (Zara)


They were really generous and told us about their school and how they run Leading Lights. The thing I most liked about them is that they support Manchester City. (Bendek)


The Leading Lights were kind to us.   The day was really exciting and we got to know each other well. I enjoyed the walk where we saw the horses at Horseguard Parade. (Bendict)