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Year 6 - Our day by day reports from Mill Rythe

Friday 10.30am


This morning we packed up our rooms (this took quite a long time for some of us). We were sad to leave our them, they have been comfortable and warm with clean, warm showers.


After our last breakfast we had some team challenges with our instructors.


We have had an amazing five days here. Our instructors (Dylan, Layton and Alice) have been kind and helpful and really supportive. We will miss them.


Mill Rythe has given the opportunity to do things we have never done before. We are looking forward to coming home now and telling our families about our experiences here.


See you in Crayford!


(Jevan, Christina, Simi, Jessica)



Friday 9am


Dinner last night was nice because we got served by our waiter, Marcus. We had a roast dinner or fish fingers.


Last evening equals DISCO night. We all got ready (it took some of us a long time)! The  disco was wonderful. There were a lot of people from different schools and we danced, sang and ate popcorn. Some of us made some new friends too.


After the disco we packed some of our bags and went to bed for our last night here.



(Bendek, Lesley, Deborah)


Thursday 12.30pm


This morning we ate scrumptious sausages, wonderful waffles, super scrambled eggs and the best baked beans!


It is a really windy day but that hasn’t stopped us from having a great morning.  After breakfast we all worked in teams doing some problems solving activities on the field which was fun but challenging and break wracking.  


Then we were split into groups . One group did the Leap Of Faith, one group climbed the Gladiator Wall and one group had a survival session in the woods.


We feel a little sad as it is almost our last day and the time has flown.  We are really looking forward to the disco tonight and eating some more scrumptious food!!


We haven’t had much rain here but hear you have at home so we hope you are all ok back in Crayford.


(Seyiton , Precious, Abi, Temidire)


Wednesday 9pm


This afternoon we had a fencing lesson which was difficult at first but we got the hang of it after a while. We had to wear protective jackets, a metal face mask and a glove and we competed against each other with a foil which is a type of sword used for fencing.  It was quite tricky but enjoyable. We did this inside because it was raining.


We have just returned from a camp fire that our activity leaders set up for us. After a cold afternoon, this was very welcome as it had started to rain and we needed warming up.  As we were sitting around the fire we had a mini talent show (people did some singing, comedy and dancing), we learnt some new songs and we played some games.  We had lots of fun. 


We are now back and getting ready for bed and think after all all the day’s activities and all the food, and there is a LOT of food, that we will sleep well.


So far we are loving Mill Rythe, it is like a holiday with all our friends! The best part for us so far has been sharing rooms, eating the delicious food and doing team activities.


(Summer, Aliya, Robyn)



Wednesday 11am:


After dinner last night (toad in the hole with curly fries or shephard’s pie and crumple with custard) we did an activity called ‘EGG PROTECTOR’. We had an egg and a box (in groups of 10) and we had to pack the box with grass and paper to try to make sure the egg didn’t break. Then we played some games which involved our box being kicked, thrown and hit by objects. Nobody won as all of our eggs got smashed by the end!!!


To finish the evening we all went to the ballroom where we watched a film in our PJs. We were safely tucked up in bed by 10pm (we promise)!!!


Today our groups are doing the Leap of Faith, snorkelling and Sensory Trail. Snorkelling was really fun and easy to pick up. We did it in the inside pool.


The weather is dry (we have been very lucky so far). Every morning when we wake up there are some ducks walking around eating crumbs - we have to keep our doors closed in case they sneak in (which they have tried a few times)!


We are missing home a little but having the best time too.



(Taylor, George, Phoebe, Roman)



Tuesday 5.30 pm:


This afternoon we also had a dancing session in the ballroom. We played musical statues to music (Old Town Road, Pizza Hut and others). 


This was great fun - we were doing exercise as well as having fun. The team leaders taught us some new moves and we kept up very well.


We were all tired at the end and are chilling out now before we go to dinner.


(Tomi, Bendect, Annie, Morayo)


Tuesday 3.30 pm:


Lunch was great - we had hot dogs and chips or lasagne followed by strawberry ice-cream.


This afternoon we did a buggy building activity in our groups. It was really tricky but fun. We had to work as a team to make the buggies and fix them when they broke (which was quite often)!  In this activity, teamwork was key.


We working in three groups of ten, some of us had to test out the buggy by riding it while the others pulled it and controlled it.


(Freddie, Anjola and Henry)


Tuesday 11.30am:


Since arriving yesterday we have canoed, climbed, built rafts and we are now doing archery.


The rooms are really comfortable and the bathrooms are nice - there is an endless supply of hot water.  


Breakfast was delicious - we had a choice of eggs, hash browns, beans, sausages, yogurt and fruit and plenty of toast.


Last night we had barbecue chicken and salad, chips and peas.


So far we are having a great time and the weather is sunny!

(Caitlin, Zara, Mia, Alesha).


More news to come after lunch......