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Please enjoy following along with our learning journey as we begin our primary school adventure at St Paulinus Primary School! YR Motto: It's cool to be KINDlaugh

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Autumn 1

For the first half term, we are exploring the topic "Why do you love me so much?"  This topic is aimed at exploring relationships, emotions and feelings with family and friends, it introduces the importance of caring for themselves as well as others. It looks at their individual strengths including what makes them special and unique, the role of their family and carers, and in addition to this explores the changes in their bodies that occur as they grow and the senses we use and how we use them to explore our environment and the world around us.  We are looking forward to learning about ourselves, our friends, our families, and our homes over the half term!

           Why do you love me so much?

Settling into YR!

Our first week of school handprints and poem :)
Our first week of school handprints and poem :)
Sharing is caring :)
When we are kind, caring, loving, supportive, and helpful we fill ours and others buckets
We celebrated International Dot Day; Make your mark and see where it takes you :)
Yellow Jar = Feeling Happy
Blue jar = Feeling Sad
Red jar = feeling angry
Green jar = Feeling Calm
Pink jar = Feeling loves
Our co-created maths number wall :)
Working on our numbers after our outdoor walk
Collaborating for our maths number wall
Nature walks are so fun!
Team work makes the dream work!
We love exploring outside
We love working together
A gentle reminder to all that it's always TIME TO BE KIND!

Be the "I" in KIND

Outdoor Adventures

Welcome to our neck of the woods!


Term 1 2020 

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