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Please enjoy following along with our learning journey as we begin our primary school adventure at St Paulinus Primary School! YR Motto: It's cool to be KINDlaugh

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Autumn 2

The topic that we are looking at this term is “What Are We Celebrating?” this topic is aimed at providing stimulating ideas for children’s curiosity, knowledge and imagination about celebrations, cultures, parties, religious ceremonies, while learning to understand our world. Children will be learning about birthdays, Guy Fawkes day/Bonfire night, fireworks, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christenings and Weddings, Nativity, The Christmas story, and Christmas while learning about the winter season and the properties of snow, ice and frost, what happens to snow and ice when they melt; how humans adapt to colder weather including keeping safe and how to keep warm; about wintery words and links to descriptive writing in Literacy.

What Are We Celebrating?

Wilderness Wednesday!

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Settling into YR!

Be the "I" in KIND

Outdoor Adventures

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Autumn 2 2020 

Autumn 1 2020 

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