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Welcome to YR Home Learning Edition!

Come and explore pictures and updates from all of our friends with the progress, learning, and creating that is going on during our home learning time!  I cannot wait to see all the different things that we will learn, explore, and create during our topic discovery.


Remember, that even though we may be apart, we are always connected through love ❤️ 

We are sending you big hugs and lots of love!


It's cool to be KIND :)

 ❤️ the YR Team

Maths (Spring 2)

Evie's 2D shapes
Tianna's easter chick
Alfie's 2D shapes
Tianna's shapes
Eliana's number work

English (Spring 2)

Spring 2 Adventures!

Outdoor Adventure!

Number Day :)

Chinese New Year!

Once upon a time...

Week 3: The Three Little Pigs :)
Making pig biscuits!
Week 2: Jack and the Beanstalk :)
Planting our own beans :)
Learning about what plants need to grow :)
Excited to watch our plants come to life!!
Week 1: Goldilocks and the three bears :)
Making porridge for Goldilocks :)

2020 goals :)

play with my mum more
help people
eat less chocolate

Let it Snow !

Guy Fawkes and Diwali!

YR Family Morning :)

Mental Health Awareness Day! #helloyellow

We love settling into YR :)

First Day of Reception 2019!