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Robot Competition

The Robot Competition

On Monday 23rd September 2019 to Monday 30th September 2019 we had a robot competition. The competition was in Lunch Club with Mrs Carter.  The aim was to build the best robot possible out of k’nex.

The competition was run by Leqi Y6 and the winners were George and Finley Y5. It was so hard to choose the winner! It was between George and Finley and another group of Y5 children. Leqi was not sure if George and Finley should be the winners or the other group should be the winners. We had a room vote between the two and George and Finley won!  But everyone in the competition had fun and Leqi  inspired  other children to create their own competitions. 


Mrs Young the head teacher took the photos, their robot and Leqi on a trip to Paris and they took a photo there!

They had an amazing time in Paris! They had delicious French food! The went to Disneyland! And they did lots more!


Just joking. The photo of Paris was actually displayed on the big board in the Lunch Club.


Written by Leqi Wang, Year 6