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Spring 2020

Tea Party - Friday 6 March 2020

YR Tianna – for being extremely helpful and active during tidy up time

Y1 Eowyn – for excellent progress in reading and writing

Y2 Sesina – for excellent effort during tests

Y3 Joshua – for designing a fantastic book cover

Y4 Tobechi – for being a kind and caring role model to the younger children

Y5 Hannah – excellent achievement for getting 50 achievement points

Y6 Noah – for an excellent attitude in Maths

Tea Party - Friday 28 February 2020

YR Eliana - for transitioning so well into a new half term :)

Y1 Carmen - improving all areas and achieving high standard

Y2 Ronnie M - for fantastic Maths skills

Y3 Hudson - for trying hard in all his lessons

Y4 Veronika - excellent attitude and effort in Maths lessons this week

Y5 Jerusha - positive start to the term in all her learning

Y6 Tyler - for an excellent attitude to work

Tea Party - Friday 14 February 2020

YR Rejoice - for always being polite and kind :)

Y1 Lenny - for really trying hard with his reading

Y2 George - for trying hard to improve positive playtime attitude

Y3 Ralph - working hard to improve his Maths

Y4 Ella - for always being kind, polite and helpful

Y5 Zion - for an excellent History (assessed) piece of writing!

Y6 Jessica M - for excellent writing

Tea Party - Friday 31 January 2020

YR  Anna - for being so polite and kind to all :)

Y1 Iyanu - for her excellent extra work on compound words

Y2 Erin - for always trying her best in all her learning

Y3 Angelina - for making a conscious effort in all lessons

Y4 Agam - for making a good effort to improve problem solving skills.

Y5 Beth - excellent resilience in Maths this week :)

Y6 Rehoboth - for being very helpful

Tea Party - Friday 24 January 2020

YR Frankie - for always being kind and helpful

Y1 Dilaxya - always working to a very high standard

Y2 Victoria - for enthusiasm in Georgraphy

Y3 Toni - super Maths

Y4 Jiayi - for enthusiasm in Science

Y5 James - for being responsible and setting up in Art

Y6 Leqi - for excellent Maths results

Tea Party - 17 January 2020

YR: Reward - for being so polite and thoughtful to all

Y1: Temilade - wow! excellent progress and positive attitude

Y2: Eva - for trying hard in all lessons

Y3: Manisha - for trying hard in all lessons

Y4: Ellie - trying hard in all lessons

Y5: David - excellent group work with Mrs Sukonik

Y6: George - for making a real effort in his learning