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The School Grounds

The school field was separated from the building by wooded area, thick with brambles and nettles. The only way to get to the field was via a narrow and winding path. In 1994 a working party of staff and parents was formed, originally with the intention of creating one wide, straight path to the playing fields to improve safety for the children. In fact, they went on to make a network of paths through the area, some opening up into wide clearings big enough for a whole class to be able to see and hear the teacher.

This massive project was achieved with the help of Bexley Rangers and staff, parents and pupils who undertook heavy work and planted trees and shrubs.


In 1996 the project won £850 in a Bexley Environment Competition. This was added to £1,000 donated by the Parent Teacher Association and was used to build a pond, bird hide, seating and the school badge flowerbeds at the front of the school. Later that year the school won more money in the London in Bloom Environmental Garden Competition and a rockery and butterfly garden were added.


Just four years later, in 2000, St Paulinus became the only state school in the country to be awarded the Millennium Marque by the Tidy Britain Group.


Such beautiful grounds and outdoor classrooms have to be continually maintained. This is achieved by the voluntary help of parents, pupils and staff who give up their time to attend regular work parties. The development continues, with Year 3 currently working on a secret garden, complete with its own stage, and improvements to the reception garden, including a winding cycle path.