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TERM 2 OVERVIEW.... sorry this is only just been added!




                                        Welcome back to Year 1 term 2.

 We have finally got a new camera so I will be able to post lots of pictures of our activities at school!

  We have enjoyed making hedgehogs from clay and hearing lots of stories about their adventures.

  We are also learning new facts about their homes, their food and how they like to hibernate in the 


  Please enjoy the photographs of our clay work.



Making Clay Hedgehogs


          We are also very pleased to have Jason from CRIBS back with us at school.

          We are beginning to think about why Christmas is important for Christians and why the birth

          of Jesus is so special.

          Please enjoy the photos which also include pictures of Jason's puppet who is always a welcome              visitor at school.


CRIBS visits by Jason

   This week (9th November) we are preparing for Children in Need by thinking about our feelings and

   emotions and how to care for both our physical and mental health. We have been watching Joe 

   Wicks  each day and listening to how we can make sure we look after ourselves.

   On Monday we learnt about how to connect with each other by following three simple steps

                                             show kindness

                                             listen to others

                                             have fun together

  It was also lovely to hear someone suggest that we can "Cheer each other up with happiness!" which 

  is a lovely maxim for everyone!


 In the playground we played a connecting game where we all passed a ball of string around the class, 

 each choosing a friend to be connected to. The photos below show that we are all connected together

 not only as a class but by friendship.

 I am soooooo proud of all your children!!!






It is lovely to see all the children back at school in this new school year.


I am looking forward to seeing your children's smiling faces every day -and being there for them when needed; watching them grow in their learning and understanding and providing experiences to help them develop into happy and successful learners in a safe and welcoming environment.


Below you will find links to our term 1 curriculum and the outline of the parents' zoom meeting held on Sept 10th.


There is also

  • a handwriting guide, using  the pre-cursive script that we teach at school.
  • a list of tricky words (that cannot always be sounded out) at different phonic phases
  • a list of 100 common exception words to read
  • suggestions of websites to support your children's learning


I addition I will also put up photographs and examples of children's work throughout the year for you to share and celebrate their learning together.


Mrs A Roach







Year 1 Parent Meeting Sept 10th 2020




Children should seek adult permission before accessing any websites.