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2020 - 2021




Welcome to our web page for this year. Firstly I want to say welcome back to school and to Year 3.

This year we are going to have lots of fun learning about new things and revisiting old topics as well. 


This page is where we will share things that may be helpful to our learning and also where we can show any fantastic work that has been done.


Each week I will add the spellings that need to be learned ready for the following weeks test. 



Please find below a copy of my letter detailing the topics we are covering this term and some reminders for you about general day to day matters.

Spellings week beginning 05.09.20

Homophones and near homophones


hear        here

heel        heal

main        mane

mail         male

knot        not

 Spellings week beginning 28.09.20


 earth          early

learn            heard

earn             pearl

search          unearth

earl               rehearse

Spellings Week beginning 21.09.20


straight          campaign

contain           brain

faint              waist

claim              praise

complaint         afraid


  Spellings W.B.  14.09.20


  hey               they

  obey             grey

  prey              whey

  survey          convey

  disobey        purvey



Spellings for week beginning 07.09.20.


Words spelled with ei that have the long a sound.


eight                   eighth

eighty                  veil

vein                     beige

weight                 sleigh

freight                 neighbour.

I have added a link to a booklet that may help when you are reading with your child. It gives examples of questions to ask in order to ensure they have understood what they have read.





       2019 -2020. 


Home Learning.

I have enjoyed keeping in touch with some of you through our class blog. even though we are not together in the classroom we can still help each other in other ways. I look forward to hearing about the different learning you have been doing at home. Below are some pictures of some exciting topic work taking place.


Remember to stay safe and follow any advice and guidelines you are given.  




We are now at the end of our fifth week of not being together in the classroom and it is still very strange not seeing you all. It has been lovely catching up on Zoom and seeing you all. Remember if you can not access the work that has been sent on line not to worry it may be there is a problem with the website. You can always go back to it later, most work set online does not have to be completed on the day it is set, they usually have about 2 days in which to complete. It is lovely to see all the pictures that have been sent in and all the different ways you have been keeping busy.


Remember to stay safe.

Sam has been finding some interesting statistics about The Fire of London.

Isabelle has thought hard about what it must have been like as a child in The Great Fire of London. If you want to read about her experience then open the link below.

Manisha has been spending some her time making pretty flowers. They are certainly very pretty and almost like the real thing.

Jevan has been working hard on his Great Fire of London topic and has made a collage of the event.

Our topic last half term was about Hong Kong, Heritage has made a powerpoint presentation to tell us abut Hong Kong.

Y3 have been doing some work on their poetry skills, below are examples of that work. They have worked hard on them.

Great Fire of London

Still image for this video
Isabelle has made a street to represent the Great Fire of London and then set fire to it so she could see how quickly the fire would have spread. THIS WAS DONE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION

Congratulations to Mani who has been awarded a Blue Peter Green badge for writing letters about deforestation and the use of Palm Oil. Earlier this year as part of Y3's topic work on "can we stop extinction?" he wrote a letter to the schools catering company asking them about their policy on the use Palm Oil. It was this work that he submitted to Blue Peter for his environment badge. WELL DONE MANI1

Y3 have been working hard on their poetry this week and written some of their own. they have thought about whether they wanted it to rhyme or not and also about the similes and metaphors to use as well. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Robyn has been working hard on her project about the Great fire of London.

Sam has been working hard on his story.

Giovanna has been busy baking cinnamon whirls and muffins. They look delicious. I think Y3 need to send their recipes in so we can keep share them. I love her VE Day bunting.

Mani found a lovely park to do part of his 10 in 10 challenge.

Josh has been very busy doing his work and completing the 10 in 10 challenge. He chose a lovely sunny day to go out on his scooter as part of the challenge. He has also been working hard on writing a story and researching his project.


Still image for this video

Mani, has been enjoying his workouts with Joe Wickes including dressing up to do his exercise. He has also been investigating shadows and made a dragon shadow puppet to play with combining his science and topic work.

Ralph has been busy working on his topic as well as making a delicious looking chocolate cake.

Isabelle has been keeping busy making a rag doll for her little sister as well as finding out lots of information for her topic.

Izaiah has been getting fit working on his 10 in 10 challenge.

Hudson has been working on a colourful dragon mask.

Malachi has been worked hard to make his dinner, the final result is a very tasty looking pizza.

Noel has been working hard on his topic last half term. If you want to know what he has been working on then you need to open the link.

Izaiah has been busy working on his Hong Kong topic and made a fantastic dragon mask. He has also worked hard on writing about the picture of The Mona Lisa.

Timi has been out riding his bike for the fun run challenge. It looks as if he has find a quiet and scenic route to cylcle.

Rebekah has been keeping busy doing lots of exciting things as well as her school work. I love the ballon model and the baking looks delicious.

Mani has had fun having a Hawaiian themed party in his garden, with lots of Limbo. he has also worked hard on making a Chinese dragon.

Noel has been busy helping to bake a carrot cake. The important ingredient is lots of grated carrots and Noel is certainly working hard to grate the carrots.

Still image for this video

Robyn has been working hard on her topics.She has made an erupting volcano and a model city.

Hudson measuring shadows. Not an easy thing to do when the weather keeps changing.

Sophia worked hard on her endangered animal topic and has found some interesting facts about them.

Jamie has been working hard on his well being topic and identified different ways he feels proud.

Malachi has worked hard on his extinction topic and has listed the 10 animals that he thinks are the most endangered, open the link to see if you agree. He has also been busy working on his story, if you want to find out what happens then open the link to rad his story.

Elina has been working hard on wiring an exciting story.

Timi and his little sister have been keeping busy dong different craft activities, the flower board looks amazing! He has also been keeping fit going for walks and playing on his trampoline, all this as well as keeping up with his work that is being set.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Samuel has worked hard on his story, you have to open up the link to read it. He is becoming a DNA Detective.

Mani has been working hard on his story followed by relaxing with a book that he is enjoying. He has also been working on his wellbeing project.

Josh has been busy thinking about his wellbeing topic, making a poster to thank all key workers and using his teddy to write a story.

Isabelle and her sister Isla have been keeping very busy. Isabelle also celebrated her birthday with very tasty looking cake.

Hudson has been kept busy reading his favourite books.

Isabelle has made an erupting volcano. Lots of subjects involved, Science, Art & DT

Still image for this video

Hudson has been busy painting a picture of a volcano.

Jamie has been busy keeping fit, making a truck and cooking.

Izaiah has been keeping busy doing lots of exciting things with his family.

Mani has been working hard on his writing.

Robyn making models for her topic work.

We have settled well intoY3 and have been working hard. Some children in Y3 have been awarded a pen for the neat presentation of their work. Last half term we learned about life in the Stone Age Times. We learned about the tools they used and we made our own. In order to do this we went into the school grounds and collected a stick and a suitable stone, then we went back into class and Mrs Hill gave us some string to tie out sticks and stones together.


This half term in Geography we are learning about deserts and how they are made. In art we have been trying to reproduce some Aboriginal Art. We have been using chalks and dots to create our own versions, this took lots of time and patience.


In science we have looked at rocks and made comparisons, we have also investigated the hardness and permeability of rocks. This half term we are looking at magnets and how strong they are and what materials they are attracted to.


We are enjoying our leaning and look forward to learning more during the rest of the year.