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Year 4

Science at the SeaLife Centre!


On Wednesday 6th June, Y4 visited the SeaLife Centre in London to take part in a Classification workshop as part of our Science topic: Living Things and Their Habitats.

It was such a lovely sunny day that even train cancellations couldn't dampen our spirits and we were very excited to arrive at our destination. The workshop was jam packed with information and the children put their knowledge of classification keys to good use by identifying different sea creatures that live in the water around our country.

Workshop over, we were able to explore the rest of the SeaLife Centre. The Ray Pool was a particular favourite with the children, as was the chance to stroke a starfish in the rockpool area. The children also loved how the penguins came right up to the glass to see them! The new interactive rainforest area was a big hit but everyone was in awe at the main attraction, which was of course, the shark tank! 

I am incredibly proud of how the children behaved, they were delightful company, their manners were impeccable and they were fantastic representatives of our school.

I would like to thank all our adult helpers who gave up their time to come with us, I hope you had as much fun as we did!

Spring 2 2018

What a busy half term we have had!

This term we have been learning all about Electricity in our Science lessons. We began by sharing what we already know and looking at what makes things work,  we thought about where electricity actually comes from and how it get's into our homes. The children investigated everyday electrical dangers around our homes and designed posters to make people aware of how they can keep safe. We discovered how we can complete an electrical circuit which will make a bulb light up or a buzzer sound and we finished our topic by investigating how Steady Hand Games work before making our own versions in the class. 

Our topic this half term has been the Ancient Maya Civilisation. The children have really embraced this topic and enjoyed learning all about this ancient race of mathematicians, scholars, astronomers and warriors. The children have loved their DT linked lessons where we learnt all about the food the Maya ate; we used an authentic Maya recipe to make Tortilla and hot chocolate, which was flavoured with Chilli  - we all agreed that Chilli was not something we thought to add to our chocolate but it was delicious! Apologies to those parents who have been inundated each weekend with homemade Tortilla since that lesson.. The children also studied Ancient Maya masks and then designed their own, as well as learning how to weave patterns using their own handmade loom and wool - very tricky but enjoyable!

As part of our topic the children were asked to complete a home project based on the Maya - the results were absolutely stunning and I was so impressed with their efforts. All of their work was displayed in class for the children (and other members of our staff) to admire. TWO prizes were awarded for effort and attention to detail - Mrs Hill and Mrs Carter spent an hour in the class after school looking carefully at each project and decided that Pascal's temple (with miniature hand made gold king, placed deep inside the tomb) and Freddie B's handwritten fact file about temples were our worthy winners. Well done boys! Thank you as well to those students who brought in pictures from past family holidays in Mexico where they had visited Maya temples - we really enjoyed listening to your talks.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures from this term's learning!

Topic Spring 1 2018: Welcome to the Sunshine State!


California - a North American state filled to the brim with beautiful beaches, magnificent mountain ranges and sunshiny balmy days. Oh and home to the San Andreas fault line. The crack in the Earth's crust where two tectonic plate boundaries meet and the site of the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake. We have been learning about the landscape of the state of California, what causes earthquakes, how we can measure the intensity of their power and why people would choose to live in a  notorious earthquake hotspot. In our DT lessons we have been designing earthquake proof shelters and testing them against the mighty power of the 'Earthquakeinator'!


Would you know what to do if the next big quake hits? Y4 do! Have a look at some of our learning from this term. 

Roman Day 2017

Wow, how amazing are our costumes? Thank you parents and carers for making such an effort with your children, they really looked fantastic - some of the homemade props were so very good. Mrs Young was given the hard task of choosing a winner for the best costume and congratulations went to Elvin, well done! 


We had such a fun packed day. The children learnt how to make authentic Roman biscuits using a recipe Mrs Sukonik found hidden in the archives whilst learning all about the delicacies of Roman food - stuffed dormouse anyone?  The charcoal on the finished biscuits only added to the authenticity of the taste! Then we had to piece together a Roman numeral jigsaw before we embarked on some rigorous army training. The children excelled at basic marching and then went on to learn how to form their own Testudo to protect themselves in battle - they even managed to impress the eagle eyes of General Workem Hardus when she stepped in to inspect the troops (thank you General / Mrs Tunstall for your time!) 


After lunch we were learning how to write basic sentences in Latin before decorating our scrolls with motivational Roman phrases, such as 'veni, vidi, vici' - which, as they children know, is what Emperor Caesar is reported to have said - 'I came, I saw, I conquered'. Finally we indulged in some Roman arts and crafts and made our own laurel crowns and models of Roman houses. 


Phew! The children, myself and Mrs Hurst had a fantastic day, even the arena lions managed to stay locked in the cupboard - just. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures, thank you for all your support. 

Some of our learning so far this term!


Autumn Term 2017


Dear parents,

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you all as your child begins Y4. I hope you had a wonderful summer – the children have been sharing some of their favourite memories from the holidays and it sounds as though you have all had a truly restful and fun filled time together! I am delighted to have been appointed as your child’s teacher and I am looking forward to getting to know them and sharing their learning adventure over the coming months. We have an exciting and busy time ahead of us so there are some handy reminders for you to bear in mind during our hectic family schedules:

Uniform – we love how smart our children look and we appreciate how expensive school uniform can be, so I ask that if you have not done so already, to make sure that all your child’s uniform is labelled with their name so it can be returned if it goes astray! If you are unsure as to the current policy, copies of the uniform list are on the website or available from the office.

PE – we are swimming this term every Thursday up to the Christmas break. Whether your child is a non-swimmer or in Stage 10 they will have a wonderful session in the pool, fully supported by the qualified swimming teachers as well as myself and Mrs Andrew. Swimming goggles can greatly increase water confidence so if you think your child would benefit from wearing them please let either myself or the school office know in writing before their lessons begin. Children should also have their PE kit in every day. We are timetabled to have PE on a Friday but sometimes the schedule will change or the outside agencies we use will have an unexpected lesson for us on other days of the week, which we love to take advantage of!

Art shirts – children will need an art shirt in school, whether that is an old shirt /t-shirt belonging to a parent or a cheap oversized one, it doesn’t matter as long as it covers their clothes and it’s in school. Those parents whose children have been through the school with me will know how creative my art lessons can be…

Homework - you can expect your child to come home with a weekly times table sheet and spellings on a Monday. This work will be due back into school for Friday so it can be marked ready for their tests on the following Monday. There will be a maths worksheet given to your child on a Wednesday to reinforce any learning from the week’s objective, this will be due in on the following Monday. (In the front of your child’s Homework Diary there is a sticker with the homework schedule on it to help remember what is due in and when.) There may be occasional topic based homework but children will be given full details in their diaries.

Reading – I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to encourage children to read daily and widely. Children are expected to read their school reading book every night, with an adult signing their reading diaries confirming this. Fluency and understanding in reading are crucial to helping children progress academically and increase their awareness of the world around them. Just fifteen minutes a night reading with your child will help them enormously with their understanding of the English language, which in turn will benefit them in all areas of their education.

Our topic this term is The Roman Invasion of Britain, we will be exploring the legacy of the expansion of the mighty war machine that was the Roman army through the coming weeks in all aspects of the curriculum. Currently your children are working on their designs for a Celtic or Roman shield, writing an information leaflet about the Roman Army, exploring Roman numerals in Maths, using their research skills in computing and practicing their invasion skills in PE.. to name a few!

Need to speak to me or let me know something?

Please feel free to use the email address below – a reply is not guaranteed after 7pm or at the weekends but I can assure you it will be read and a response, if needed, sent during working hours. If you need to speak to me in person, I am usually at the gate but should you wish to make an appointment with me then please do so. I am available for parent appointments on a Monday after school or before school begins every day from 08.00 -08.30, after which time I will be in class with the children.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you over the coming year as well as sharing our adventures in school.


Kind regards



Mrs K Sukonik.