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Year 4

Autumn Term 2020

Welcome to Year 4 2020! Please find a copy of the Autumn Term Newsletter and also the  Curriculum Web for this term.

The children of Year 4 took part in a Roman Theme Day on Monday 19th October. Every single Roman costume was brilliant. Thank you all for a magnificent effort!


Weekly Spelling: Week Beginning 12th October 2020

This week's homework has been set on Google Classroom but if you have had difficulty accessing this, please use this list so that the children can learn the words for Wednesday's spelling test.


division          television

invasion          revision   

confusion        erosion

decision          inclusion  

collision          explosion

Year 4 Roman Day will be on October 19th 2020.

I look forward to seeing you all in costume on that day!

Week Beginning Monday 5th October 2020

This week we are learning to spell homophones. The words themselves are easy to spell but it is important that the children practise using them in the correct context. To help with this I have include a game that you might want to print off and play at home. 


medal         scene

meddle        board       

missed        bored

mist           witch        

seen           which        


Please play this game with your child to reinforce how to use homophones in context.

This is not to be returned to school.

Week beginning Monday 28th September 2020

This week we are still working on adding prefixes to root words. Today in class, we looked at the prefixes "il" and "ir".  Please find below the list of words the children need to learn this week, ready to be tested on Wednesday.


illegal               irregular

illegible            irrelevant

illogical            irresponsible

illiterate           irrational

illicit                 irresistible

Week Beginning 21st September 2020

We continue to work on the use of prefixes to change the meaning of root words. 

This week we have looked at how the prefix "im" changes the word so that it has the opposite meaning. Please find below, this week's words. Again, it is beneficial to discuss the meanings of these as well as learning how to spell them. The children will be tested on Wednesday of next week.

improper                            impossible

important                           immature

impolite                             immortal 

impatient                           immovable

imperfect                           immeasurable


Week Beginning 14th September 2020

This week our words all contain the prefix "in" (meaning "not" and creating an antonym of the root word.) Please find below, a list of words for the children to learn. It will be helpful to discuss the meanings of these words too. The children will be tested on Wednesday of next week.

inactive               incomplete

incorrect              infinite

inaccurate             inedible

insecure               inability

indefinite              indecisive



Week Beginning: 7th September 2020

This week we have been using the letter combinations "au" and "augh" to make an "aw"sound in words. Please find below, a list of words for the children to learn this week. These will be tested on Wednesday of next week.


caught                clause

taught                cause

naughty              astronaut

daughter             applaud

autumn               author

Home Learning


It is a really strange time for us all at the minute, not being in school, having to do our learning at home which is usually the place where we chill and relax.  I feel really proud of each and every one of you as you continue to carry out your learning at home. It is really nice to read the little messages you post with your work when you return it to me and it has been fantastic to see all of your happy, smiling faces during our Zoom sessions.


Please remember to keep taking pictures of the different activities that you do, and send them to me so we can share them with the rest of the class.


Sadie has been learning about Cleopatra.
We each made an Egyptian  headdress. It was very tricky to make the 3D snake to put on the front! 
Blake held a Sports Day in his garden. He wanted to share the photos of some of the races he took part in.
Blake made a model of a pyramid and also an Egyptian headband.
He has also been busy researching Ancient Egyptian gods. All of the information he found can be seen here on his Powerpoint Presentation. Click on the icon to share his work.
We have been busy making mummy cases as part of our work, learning about the Ancient Egyptians.
Noah has produced a Powerpoint Presentation so that he could share some of the information he has found out about the Ancient Egyptians.
As part of our History topic, we discovered that the Ancient Egyptians were not afraid of death as they believed in, and looked forward to going to, the Afterlife. We were asked to describe our ideal Afterlife. Read some of our written work.

My idea of a perfect afterlife would to be surrounded by a beatifull forest with bright green leaves and a dark oak trunck and dance with the birds.

I would spend my time swimming in the water with all of the animals and race the fish. I would race with the tigers and jump cloud to cloud to find the end of space .

I would learn how to swing like monkeys on vines as hard as stone and as green as the grass.

I would be able to swim in the water without any gear so I can see the animals under water and help the fish get to the over side of the river.

I would only eat mint choclate chip ice cream for the rest of my life because then i would be able to eat it and when it melts I could also use it to drink because i would guess it would tast good beacause its ice cream.

I would listen to the doves and all the other birds singing on the hot bright trees so that i dont feel so lonely in the Afterlife.

i would like it to be hot and sunny every day because if it's cold every time them all the animals would be cold and the fish would die because the water would be frozen.

By William.

My idea of a perfect afterlife would be to see the things that I did not know existed in real life like unicorns, fairies and Mary Poppins.

I would spend my time learning how to fly and being partners with Mary Poppoins and learning how to do the things she does and some other things I wish to do.

I would surround myself with my family because I love my family more than anything else in the WORLD ( I put that in caps lock because I love GOD and his son, but they are in heaven and not on the earth)

I would be able to fly and do anything I want and also, I could be able to see the future and maybe I could change people's lives to make everyone serve GOD.

I would only eat the things that I like, like chocolate and sweets. I would also be healthy so I would also like some vegetables and fruit to eat as well.

I would listen to some music that will make me move to the beat like the fifa music I always listen to when my dad plays fifa. I guess that would be mostly hip hop and pop music and actually any kind of music really.

Every single day, it would be all the normall climates but if it is too hot, I would like it to be windy and when it is too cold, I would like the sun to warm me up like toast.

By Teniola

My perfect afterlife would be a lovley seaside area where I can swim with the fishes and won't get stung by jellyfish it would feel like paradise.I could explore the beautful of the aqua crystal waters.

I would spend my time playing with the fish and build all my buildings with lego so that I can make a palace I can exercise by seeing how fast I can pile the soft sand.

I would surround myself with the people who are good in my life I am sure they would love it because it would be everthing they could ever want but I would defiently have my parents beacause if I hadn't invite them I would be very sad.

I would be able to teleport so that I could prank the people hat were there and I can also fly and be invisible .

I would only eat peperoni pizza because it would be my world and no one could boss me around (exscept my parents)if they do they would be put in prision.

I would listen to rap music because I love and I think that rap music is very cool.Every single day it would be sunny or snowing but the special thing would be that you don't need warm thing to protect you.

That would be my perfect afterlife.

By Elliana

My perfect afterlife would be where I am taken to an enchanted
forest and I am able to perform my dancing and singing in front of
magical pixies. There would be lots of magnificent mythical
creatures like unicorns, fairies, pandas, and lots of doggies.
In my afterlife I would spend my time helping unicorns to grow and
use their horns, I would stop pixies from becoming extinct, and I
would look after doggies and pandas and help them to stay
In my afterlife, I would like to be surrounded by my family because
I can’t be without them as I would be lonely. I would also like to be
surrounded by lots of animals because I love them, and they are
cute. With my magic powers, I would be able to talk to the animals
and also be able to shapeshift into them.
In my afterlife, I would eat lots of strawberries covered in
chocolate and Hawaiian pizza and I would also eat lots of different
fruit. I would have lots of food for my animals to eat such as dog
treats, bamboo and special pixie and unicorn food. I would have
calming background music playing. The weather in my afterlife
would be hot and sunny some days but I would also like a bit of
snow other days.




We recently read Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. You were asked to  write a letter from your future self to your present self. James worked really hard on his letter and gave some great advice!

Dear James,

I live in a nice mansion in Chelsea and have 1 holiday house in Ghana, 1 in Denmark, and Australia. This is all down to you.


I am working as an aerodynamic engineer and a pilot. I really enjoy my job.


During the Corona virus crisis and the lockdown, you really work hard, that what makes me proud of you. You made me what I am today. You learnt to work hard from then onwards. You made everyone proud, Mrs Hughes, and your parents.


Well done, as you are  working hard, improved your focus and doing well  and you  are learning new skills like cooking, baking and making my breakfast and lunch every single day.


 You sometimes made lunch for the whole family during lock down and this was part of your Cubs challenge. You enjoyed playing the piano, you played songs like Baby shark, Happy birthday to your friends and family on their birthday. You really  developed your piano reading skills made your piano teacher proud although your lessons were online. 


Plus you learnt new things which changed you forever, it was a turning point. You played many board games and PS4 with family it was so nice to be around family during this time as they kept us safe. You had many online meetings such as zoom, skype, and house party where I got to see my friends and teachers. Watching Videos by my teachers from St Paulinus on you tube made me miss them more, but happy to watch them, you admired them so much you even copied them.


 One thing I would say is do more exercise James, as you loved sleeping a lot, plus you went to bed late. we did go out  every day  for long walk  on my bike  but you still need to do other exercise.

Well done for reading lots of books – I remember how excited you were when mum brought new books. Plus you were so passionate about reading you read book all the time for a least  40 min a day .


James, you were not entirely perfect – so I will tell you shouldn’t quarrel with your sister. Plus listen to you parents and go to bed early not at 10’0clock!

Although, I think you watched to much Netfilx watching programmes back to back. So less of that too, and mummy didn’t like that. Take care and continue to work hard.


Lastly, I know you were annoyed and think you missed swimming with Year 5 due to the Coronavirus but don’t be upset as I now have a swimming pool in my mansion, and I swim every day.

From James in the future.


PS This is so funny writing to you as the younger me, I wish I could use a portal to travel back in time to talk to you instead.


Leah is very proud of the poem she wrote last week and was keen to share it with everyone.

Leah Brown: Month Poem

Just wait and see for the snow to come down from the grey and cloudy sky.


Frosty and cold down the snowy stoles we go.


March has come, now it is time for Easter and lots of delicious chocolate eggs.


At last, they have come the baby lambs with their little pink noses and fluffy white fur.


 Mucky hands every day from the walks we take through the woods.


Just need another bottle of water for the very hot and exhausting fun run.


Just one more jump until I get into the cold blue pool.


August is when the green leaves turn into red, brown, and orange leaves.


Splash in all the puddles with your wellie boots all day long.


Ooooo hear it comes Halloween where everyone goes trickle treating.


Now it's the time of year when it starts to get freezing cold and wish it was summer.


Deck the halls with holly because it is Christmas time when Santa comes and delivers presents for everyone.


Noah worked really hard and created a powerpoint presentation so that he could share all of the work he did as part of his project. Click below to have a look at what he has found out.

James worked really hard on his River project. He has produced some great work which he put into a booklet.

Click below to see some of the work he has done.

James also made a 3D model to show how rivers are formed.
Have a look at some of Leah's project work.
Sadie has been working really hard on her Home Learning project, making a 3D model of the river system.
She has also done research to find the 5 longest rivers.
Blake has been busy working on his model to show the features of a river.
Leah went on a boat on the Thames with her dad and learned how to steer the boat down the Thames!

Leah video.MP4

Still image for this video
Phoebe sent a story to share with you.
Deetya has written a lovely poem as part of her Home Learning Project.

Esme has worked hard to write the diary of one of the characters in her reading book.

She wanted to share it with you.

David has been busy in the kitchen making pizza. He also had a puzzle competition.
Esme worked hard writing some similes to describe her monster.
David has been busy at home, baking biscuits and helping his dad with some decorating!
Ruben typed some of his Purple Mash work to share with you. This was all connected to the story of Mary Anning and the Time Twister. Read his account of our visit to the art gallery and also his rise to fame.
Phoebe was really proud of the book cover she designed!
You have all  been reading the story of Mary Anning and The Time Twister. This is how Ellie thought the story would continue.
Ruben thought the story would continue in this way. Click on the icon to read his work.
Noah and Ellie sent copies of the book covers they designed. This is Ellie's work.
This is Noah's.
James worked hard on describing the setting of the book he was reading!
Leah had fun working on her Home Learning Project. She used all her stuffed toys when she created her court room.
Esme has been really busy making a rainbow to put in the window of her house, saying a huge thank you to our NHS.
Here is some of the work that David has been doing as part of his Home Learning project.
Elliana, Juwonlo and William worked together to make a courtroom out of lego.
Cerys presented her Home Learning project as a Powerpoint. Click on the icon and you will be able to share her work.
This Year 4 Class Page will be updated throughout the year with news, photos and work samples to show some of the activities we are working on in class.

On the 9th December, we all went up to the Tate Britain to view the Steve McQueen exhibition. It was quite difficult to find our class photograph as it was one of 3,128! Standing in the gallery, we realised that all of the children whose photographs were displayed on the walls will be the future of London! We spent time thinking about how we have changed since the photo was taken and how much we will change in the years to come.

We also thought about our personal ambitions as well as our hopes and dreams for London!


The children were an absolute credit and good ambassadors for the school. As parents, you should be proud of every one of them!


I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the adults who gave up their time to come with us. Your support was very much appreciated!





Autumn Term 2019

All of the children in Year 4 have had a great start to the year. They have enjoyed learning all about the Romans and the legacy that they left behind for us here in Britain.

We had a great time at Kent Life where we learned even more about the Celts and the Romans!

We were extremely busy all day. We joined the Roman army, built roads and aqueducts, met Boudicca and made a leather amulet. Learning to write in Latin was fun and we were even allowed to graffiti the wall. Before learning about the meals the Romans ate, we all had fun on a rather bumpy tractor ride around the grounds!   



As part of our History topic, we designed our own Roman shields.