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Hip hop on zoom

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Dancing on zoom

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Week 5 9/10/20

Week 4 spellings. 5/10/20 You can also practise your spellings on purple mash.

Week 3 spellings 28/9/20

Week 2 21/9/20 Spellings

Welcome to year 5. Drone pictures.

Spelling week 1

Our Home Learning!

We may be learning at home for the moment but that hasn't stopped some of you extending your learning to include other skills! I have loved hearing from you and seeing your pictures so I thought it would be good to share them here so EVERYONE can see how amazing you are! Enjoy heart

During lockdown we've been so busy learning new things and spending time with our families, much of which has been in the kitchen creating lovely treats. Y5 have written up their favourite recipes to share with everyone, thank you to everyone who contributed - we hope you enjoy them! smiley

We have been creating fact files about our favorite authors, there is some fantastic writing here, well done everyone :-)

Hannah has been baking - these all look delicious, well done!

William has taken part in an online animation workshop where he has use clay to create his own figures! Well done William, I know you've enjoyed learning about animation.

Y5 have celebrated the end of half term with our Virtual Kindness Awards - thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate someone for an act of kindness - it was very kind of you! smiley

Have a wonderful half term everyone.

George has finished his Living in America project - it was a joy to read thank you George, I loved every part of it, well done!

Beth has created her Statue of Liberty - it's not often I'm speechless Beth but this is brilliant!

As part of our science topic (Living Things and Habitats) Y5 were asked to research then write about the Sumatran Orangutan. They have written some interesting facts, well done everyone - here is a selection of their work.

MORE delicious cookery - Hannah has been refining her skills using kitchen equipment!

Our butterflies!

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Watch how Cecil, Butty, Sunshine, Kevin and Larry grew from teeny caterpillars on day 1 to their release on day 21 as beautiful butterflies!

Butterfly release in slo mo

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As part of their art home learning, Y5 were asked to create a butterfly picture using whatever medium they wanted - here are their pictures :-)

Isaac has finished his Living in America project - I LOVE his diary entry, I can really believe he's been to the Grand Canyon! What an American Feast night he's had with his family too - it all looks delicious, well done to Mum & Dad for that :-)

James has been making southern fried chicken with his Mum - looks amazing James, well done!

Hannah's completed home learning project for Living in America - well done Hannah - it's a great read & I'm super proud of you!

During our computing lessons we have been researching about Christopher Columbus and using mash cams to show our learning - these are great!

Anayah has been fine tuning her culinary skills with not one but two dishes for the same meal time - both look delicious!

Olivia had a birthday this week - it looks like you had an AMAZING time - that cake looks delicious!

Finley has created this magnificent representation of the Statue of Liberty - it's absolutely brilliant - well done!

Ben has also finished his create part of our Living in America project - this is simply AMAZING! Really well done Ben, I love it!

Reuben has been busy crafting in his spare time!

Vanessa has been busy in her kitchen - here is her bruschetta (one of my favourite things) it looks delicious, well done!

Some wonderful examples of what you have been up to over the VE day bank holiday celebrations! Lots of bunting made, cakes baked and BBQs had - a very clever way to complete part of your Living In America project! 
While we are waiting for our caterpillars to hatch, Y5 have been writing about the life cycle of a butterfly as part of their home learning. Well done everyone, it was a pleasure to read your work smiley









Some fantastic examples from our online learning this week, well done to everyone who completed it. Y5 were asked to create a leaflet to persuade people to eat more fruit and vegetables in their daily diet - here are some of my favourite pieces. heart




William has been keeping fit outside by practising his football skills!

Meg has been making banana bread at home!

Isaac has been developing his photography skills - under the expert eye of his professional photographer parents! I can definitely see a future behind the camera for you Isaac, these images are fantastic, well done!

If the photography career isn't for him then I have no doubt Isaac will use his culinary talents and make his fortune as a baker - this cake looks AMAZING!

Anayah has been very busy during her time at home, she has completed her technology home learning project - it looks fantastic, well done.

She has also been spending some time baking in the kitchen and oh my goodness, how amazing do those doughnuts look? Anayah's Mum has very kindly shared the recipe so I will definitely be trying these out, I hope you have a go too! Thank you so much for that :-)

Titi has drawn some beautiful pictures to send to the NHS to help brighten up the wards. Well done Titi, they will certainly bring a smile to people's faces!

Oh yum! Hannah has been cooking flapjacks with her sister - doesn't this look delicious?

Vanessa's home learning project!

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Wow. Vanessa really did think hard about our first Y5 home learning project and as well as completing all the tasks, she took it upon herself to teach Mum how to create a stop motion animation. I am pleased Vanessa has agreed to share not only her teach video but the animation she created - it's brilliant, well done Vanessa, I am very proud of you. I wonder if anyone else will follow Vanessa's instructions and have a go at this now? If so, I'd love to see your videos!

Vanessa's animation!

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Here is the actual animation that Vanessa created for us.

Oh my goodness, Isaac has been busy! Art, cooking, maths, exercising and enjoying his zoom sessions with us all - it's so great to see what you have been up to - don't suppose there is any cake left?...

Hannah's fantastic home learning project - wow, super work Hannah - I've really enjoyed reading it :-)

Reuben has been super busy - cooking some yummy scrambled eggs with chives AND creating a bug house. It all looks amazing Reuben, we miss you so much x

William has been busy celebrating Easter!

William has been making rice pudding at home with his family - looks delicious, well done everyone & thank you for the recipe!

Reuben has been working hard on his home learning project - I love the create part (I don't think your brother will be able to beat you in a Nerf battle now!!)

Bracken has been making Soda Bread with her family, doesn't it look yummy!

Hannah has made a gorgeous looking cake this week - lovely icing :-)

George has created pictures to help brighten up NHS Nightingale for the patients. Well done, they are wonderfully colourful and I am very proud of you George

Just because we are at home that hasn't stopped my star writers in Y5!  There were some fantastic examples of narrative scene setting completed this week on Purple Mash so I just had to share a few with you all. Well done everyone smiley 







stay safe, keep well and

continue to be kind




Oh my goodness, we have some fantastic writers here in Y5.

This week we have been constructing short narratives using 'show don't tell' to improve our writing when in character.  I am so pleased with all of the children and their work but I am delighted to be able to share some work from our current STAR WRITERS - Thiruthiga and Teni. We began with a modelled sentence before the children were encouraged to continue the narrative in character. Well done both of you, your work was full of emotion and a delight to read. I was left wishing there was more to come!

Y5 Star Writer 31.10.19 Thiruthiga

Y5 Star Writer 31.10.19 Teni

Autumn Term 2019!

Well done Y5, you have really settled in well to your new class, routines and curriculum and I am super proud of how hard you have been working smiley.

It's been a busy term so far and we have so much to look forward to in the coming weeks - a school trip, a residential, a class assembly, then (whisper it) Christmas..

Here is a snapshot of some of our learning so far this term, we hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.

5 go mad in London!

Cor! Look at that! Is it real? We've seen a picture of that in class!

- Our trip to the British Museum, Monday 20th May 2019

It was my absolute privilege to take Year 5 to visit the British Museum this week. The trip was organised so that the children could explore some of the artefacts from the Sutton Hoo burial site, as well as other Anglo Saxon items, to link with our History topic - Saxon Settlers.  If the train and tube journey weren't exciting enough, stepping inside the British Museum was a huge wow moment for some of us.

We were able to have close up look at artefacts we have been studying this term, followed by a sneaky visit to see the Ancient Egyptian mummies (our History topic from Autumn) just before we left!

Before I let the children tell you more, I'd just like to thank the following adults for giving up their time to come with us: Mrs Hurst, Mrs Tunstall, Mrs Bater, Mr Bowers & Mr Sukonik - who knew a day off could be so much fun? smiley Thank you all again. The children's enthusiasm and excellent behaviour meant that they were fantastic ambassadors for our school and I am very proud of them. Some of our children would like to tell you about the trip in their own words: 


"We went to the British Museum on Monday and went to see things from Sutton Hoo, the golden buckle, cloths, iron and pottery. (and Egypt, when we saw dead bodies and inside the tomb and what happens when you die as a special person in Egypt.) I especially liked when I saw the golden buckle in real life, I enjoyed everything else but my favourite was the golden buckle."

Freddie B


"On Monday 20th I went to the British Museum with my class. I went there because of my history topic, Anglo Saxons. I was excited to see the Sutton Hoo helmet! I saw real gold! It was so exciting. I got to draw the different materials. I really enjoyed my day out and I wish I could go again."



"On Monday 20th May, me and my class went to the British Museum on a school trip. I loved it, it was excellent. First we were in groups of six, then we walked to Crayford train station. We got on the train and was on there for one hour and then we got on the underground for a minute or two. We waled to the museum put our bags in lockers and went to the 'Sutton Hoo' section. We started to look around and see the amazing artefacts. After lunch we got to look at some Roman artefacts and mummified Egyptians. Soon we had to leave but when we left I was thinking about the day and I loved it."

Freddie W


"On the 20th of May, Y5 went to the British Museum on a school trip. It was great. First we walked to the train station and waited for the train, my partner was Temi, in my group was Temi, Franky, Noah, Jessica T and Millie. My group leader was Mr Sukonik. We arrived at Charing Cross and got off to get the tube, it was so loud! Then we got to the Museum and went to the Sutton Hoo exhibit. It was amazing! We saw the Franks Casket and loads of jewellery. We had to fill in some worksheets with our groups, it was so much fun. After lunch we went and looked at the Egyptian exhibit - it was so cool, we saw real bodies. Then we walked to to get back on the tube for the train station. On the train my group made up funny names, we were a bit loud, I don't know how Mr Sukonik put up with us! I would like to say a big thank you to all the adults. THANK YOU!!!"




Y5 2018-19

Welcome to Y5! The children have had a really positive start to the new school year and have embraced their learning enthusiastically. Please take your time to have a look around at some of the activities and learning we have been getting up to so far this term.


This term we have been learning all about the ancient Egyptians. During one of our lessons we explored why and how the great Pharaohs were mummified. We then took this to a more practical level but I will let Marie-Ange, Ava and Rehoboth explain more..


Well, we mummified an orange because we couldn’t take out Mrs Hurst’s organs or mush up her brain. We also used an orange because you can cut through an orange and take out the inside of an orange without hurting a single hair on Mrs Hurst’s precious head.

I believe, Mrs Hurst would have been a better way to mummify something because it would have given us a better experience of how the Ancient Egyptians would have felt during the process, as Mrs Hurst is an actual human and we could pretend to cut through her and mush up her brain with a hook.

By Marie-Ange Gnamien



How to mummify an orange.


What we needed:

An Orange


Soda Crystals

Linen Bandages

A Knife

A Spoon



A Tray

Kitchen Roll



What we did.

Firstly, we had to make a slit in our orange from top to bottom.

Next, we used our spoon to scoop the insides of the orange out. To ensure we didn’t get messy, we took out the insides of the orange out over a tray.

Then, once we had taken out all the oranges’ insides, we had to put kitchen roll to suck up any excess juice. We had to keep putting in clean kitchen roll until the inside of our orange was dry.

After, we had to sprinkle a spoonful of cinnamon.

Mrs Sukonik mixed together salt and soda crystals to substitute as natron, we also used this so that all the moisture inside the orange dries up.

Then, we had to pour the natron into our orange and also we added cloves into our orange as well.

The natron should fill the orange until it has reached the top.

Next, we had to wrap our mummy (also known as an orange). We had to make sure our slit was pushed tightly because we didn’t want all of our ingredients spilling everywhere. We had to get our linen bandages and then wrap the bandages around the orange.

After we wrapped our orange we got a safety pin to make sure nothing falls out. After 40 – 70 days we will check on it to see if it has shrunk or got darker.

By Ava O'Neill and Rehoboth Oso


As you can see, the children had a lot of fun 'mummifying' oranges and Mrs Hurst was very grateful that she was spared! We will check back in on them at the end of term and keep you updated as to their progress.

In science we have been working practically and learning all about Materials and their properties. 

So far this term we have worked together to group materials, explored thermal conductors and insulators, discovered how to separate materials which have been mixed and learnt which materials are soluble and which are not, still to come will be learning about irreversible changes!

In English we have been reading Wonder by RJ Palacio and this has led the children to some wonderful role play and dilemma solving activities.

Here are a selection of freeze frames from one of their lessons, written and acted by the children, concerning strategies for dealing with bullies. The children used freeze framing to allow discussion from the rest of the class as to how they thought the scene would end and what the person being bullied should do, each group then continued their scene to show how they decided the problem should be resolved. I am very pleased to say that all of the groups found a sensible, practical solution ( such as walking away, telling an adult or standing up for themselves - in a non violent way!) and worked well together to get across their key messages and the emotions their characters would have felt, well done everyone! 

Watch out, there's a meanie about!

Summer Term

This term's newsletter.

In our DT lesson, some of us used a computer program to design key tags and name plates. There were lots of steps involved. We are really looking forward to seeing our end products next week!

We made some delicious jam tarts.

Spring Term

This term's newsletter.

We have had a great time during our first two sessions at BETHS!

We cooked some Dutch Apple Cake. Hope you enjoy it when we bring it home!

In Science, we disected a flower and examined it under the microscope.

We have been learning all about North America and have researched all of the 23 countries that make up this continent.

We located all of the countries on a map.
We learned all about the lines of latitude and longitude: The Equator, The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and also how time around the world is measured from The Greenwich Meridian.
We used information texts to find out about the different climates that are found in different parts of this continent.
The Niagara Falls and The Grand Canyon are natural wonders and can be found in North America.
We created posters to remind us of the hygiene rules we need when cooking and then used the internet to find out about the sort of food that is eaten in North America.
Autumn Term

Sayers Croft Adventures - 3 day residential outdoor learning trip. Click on each picture to enlarge it!

The children were all keen to participate in our Egyptian theme day to bring our first topic of the year to a close.


How fantastic did all of the children look in their Egyptian costumes?

We worked hard to read and write like Egyptians using Hieroglyphs and also used the Egyptian number system to add and subtract.
Some photos of our class dressed as Egyptians.
Some of the girls made up a dance which they taught to the rest of the class in the afternoon. 
We worked in class to design our own mummy masks. We also made nets and built square-based pyramids. Here is a collection of our work.